"New for You" and the right choice for Staunton
Hello Friends and Neighbors!

Whew!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  As your new Staunton Treasurer,  I pledge to
give Staunton my best effort in providing the kind of service Staunton deserves.  I
pledge to work closely with the new Commissioner of Revenue - Maggie Ragon, and the
Finance Department, to tackle tough issues that face both offices downtown.  We have
a challenge ahead, but I am confident when we all work toward the common goal, and
with the talent pool downtown, we can make positive progress.

I wish to thank all people that gave me kind words of encouragement and advice during
this process as well as financial support.   It was a pleasure meeting people face to
face during the times I went door to door.  I wish I could have had more time for that,
but I promised myself I wouldn't miss Cub Scout meetings, soccer games, or other
family commitments during this campaign.   

There are so many people to thank (I hope I don't leave anyone out)- including so many
people that spread the word about me, behind the scenes that I only learned about at
the polls.  Thanks to Phil Moran for being my campaign treasurer.  My church family at
Second Presbyterian for encouragement, prayers, and financial support.  Thank you all
so much.

It was very hard to run a campaign and continue to work at a very busy accounting firm.
I wish to thank PBGH, LLP - for their support and commitment that if this endeavor was
not successful, that I would still have my position with them (with 3 children to support-
this was invaluable) - they are a class firm with class individuals.

I wish to thank my family.  My In-Laws (Dick & Talitha Hippeard) for driving around to put
up signs, making phone calls, and working the polls.  My father, Bob Johnson, for
helping with the polls all day without hardly a break.  

But most of all, I wish to thank my wife, Susan, for her hard work.  She made numerous
phone calls, put up signs, ordered supplies - all the while working 40 hours a week and
then seeing after our 3 children (Kelly, Matthew, & Emily - who were patient and helpful
as well - thanks guys!).  

Susan  - I love you, and you are the best!!!!

I am a man that is truly blessed!

Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson is Staunton Treasurer!